Visual Mood Animatic

I’ve taken my reference images and used them inside of After Effects in order to help me block out timing, sequencing of events and camera angles. It’s also a great reference to help show people certain things that wouldn’t translate as well in a drawing such as transitions.

Watch here below!

Password is: “thesis”

One thing that this is lacking however is exact camera moves and cinematography. That is the next stage!

I plan on doing another cinematographic cinematic which will help me finalize and solidify the timing of my shots, show off exact angles and camera motions I plan on using. I will also not be putting the characters, doing any sort of blocked out lighting or texturing for this. I’m going to use gray scale lamberts and cubes to represent the motions and flow of the dancers and the overall blocked scene itself.

Here is a really good example of what this looks like and what I will pass on to my composer for this thesis.

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