Motion Capture!

So I’m working on my first experiments with motion capture via the Microsoft Kinect 2 and this software called iPi Mocap Studio in order to make the correct movements I’m looking for in my project.

While it seems quite promising based on some video results I’ll post below, I’ve run into a few snags already mostly just being inconveniences such as needing a special type of separate USB adapter in order to hook up the Kinect 2 to the lab PC I’m working on.


iPi Mocap seems like a promising software, but it is a bit heavy on what it requires technically in order for it to work. It needs at least a windows 8 computer, and a graphics card with it’s own GPU that supports Direct X 11. Some of the computers I was initially trying to test on had only Direct X 10.1 support so I was looking for a while to find a computer that would actually allow the software to open.


What is the real exciting part to me however, is the videos below used the second version of iPi Mocap Studio in their videos as well as just one, of the first Kinect models. Why this is so great to me is those components yielded good results for simple motions especially, and now I’m going to be using the Kinect 2 with much more improvements as well as iPi Motion Capture 3, which is a newer and improved software.



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